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Jun 8, 2021

Welcome back to “I’m a Millionaire! So Now What?” where I introduce you to a venture catalyst, portfolio investor and entrepreneur with a unique talent for the art of the start-up, Jason Daley. He's honed his skills over 20 years of professional experience in high growth industries ranging from media and entertainment, web technologies and real estate. 


A fellow Carleton Graduate like myself (he also attended high school with one or more of my siblings), Jason is a sought-after advisor, community builder, angel investor and speaker in the start-up community who acts as the catalyst for his clients to achieve their business goals. 


Jason is the epitome of the man who wears many hats. At any time, he has up to four ‘hot plate’ projects on the go, just like a stove. There’s always “two hot and two in the wings.” He’s the CEO of MeasuredRisk, an AI company founded by Tom Albert, which helps leaders of private and public sector organizations triangulate risk through Advanced Data Science. He’s also an investor in Greenre, a creative, environmentally-responsible consumer packaged goods company.