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Colleen O'Connell-Campbell delivers inspirational stories from the Self-Made Nation. She puts a focus on planning and wealth management strategies for businesses looking to build the strategy that will lead to a cash-rich exit. With guests across different industries and philosophies, you'll hear stories that go deep and tactical. Perhaps most importantly, Colleen and her guests offer 'fun, frank advice' in a segment that is being compiled into a book.

Jul 13, 2021

Prepare to be intrigued, immersed, and enthralled as cryptocurrency tax experts John Oakey and Myles Bilodeau join us on 🎙I'm a Millionaire! So Now What?🎙. You’ll discover how the very first bitcoins bought what would now be the world’s most expensive pizza, why crypto is here to stay (with 2 trillion dollars in the market) and that cryptocurrency is no longer an invisible asset – and your trading is not as anonymous as you think! 

Listen up as John and Myles help Canadian crypto investors or wannabe investors learn and understand their responsibilities as taxpayers.