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Dec 27, 2022

Hello Self-made Nation.

Welcome back to “I’m a Millionaire! So, now what?”. 


In this episode you’ll find some motivation! Some fun, frank advice from self-made millionaires to inspire you all year. Sit back, click to listen, and enjoy. And I do hope it gives you a boost.


Here are some of the pieces...

Dec 20, 2022

Hello Self Made Nation

Welcome back to “I’m a Millionaire! So, now what?”! 


Today we're diving deep into a parable about why money isn't everything.


Is it a bit ironic that I would be saying that money is not everything… when this podcast is about the celebration of building wealth unapologetically in...

Dec 13, 2022

Welcome back to “I’m a Millionaire! So, now what?” I'm your host, Colleen O'Connell-Campbell, and today I welcome Finka Jerkovic, passionate sales practitioner and author. 

A much needed skill for the Self-made Nation as we navigate a recession. 


Finka is the author of “Sell From Love” in which she presents...

Dec 8, 2022

Hello and welcome to “I’m a Millionaire! So, now what?” with me, your host, Colleen O'Connell-Campbell. Today, let’s talk about what other metrics matter.


In this episode you’ll find:


📝Why ‘Revenue is vanity, Profit is sanity, and cash flow is sovereignty’

📝Why metrics matter for entrepreneurs