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Sep 18, 2018


Dr. Terry Lake is the Vice President of Corporate and Social Responsibility at Hydropothecary, an award-winning medical cannabis producer based in Gatineau, Quebec. He is a former mayor of Kamloops, BC, a former Minister of Health for British Columbia as well as a veterinarian and former animal health instructor at Thompson Rivers University. He has received several awards and recognition for his leadership and vision, including the National Public Health Hero Award by the Canadian Public Health Association in 2017 and the Provincial Public Health Officers’ Award of Excellence in Public Health.


Dr. Lake joins me today to discuss the history of hemp and this centuries-old plant has become such a highly controversial debate in today’s society. He demystifies many of the common myths and misconceptions regarding cannabis use and consumption and explains how several of the chemical components within the plant can be beneficial to adults in moderation. He also explains the potential impact that legalizing marijuana may have on our youth’s consumption and accessibility as well as our overall society.




“There is a public health benefit to having a regulated, well-controlled cannabis supply for adults.” - Dr. Terry Lake




Today on I’m A Millionaire...So, Now What?:


  • The history of hemp and marijuana.
  • Demystifying common myths and misconceptions about cannabis.
  • How cannabis became a controversial stigma among society.
  • The benefits of regulating and legalizing cannabis.
  • The impact of legalizing marijuana for adult consumption and how it will impact youth consumption and accessibility.
  • The importance of knowing the THC levels in the cannabis you are consuming.
  • What are THC, CBD, and CBG and their effects when consumed?
  • How legalizing cannabis in Canada will impact our society’s ability to conduct more thorough research on the product and its chemical properties.



Dr. Terry Lake’s Fun Frank Advice for Self-Made Millionaires & Wealthy Families:


  • Don’t keep your guard up all of the time. Be open to new experiences, new people. It makes life a lot more fun.


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