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Oct 9, 2018


Hilda Gan, RN, MHSc is Founder and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consultancy, a unique HR consultancy that helps businesses implement strategic and practical solutions. She helps small to medium-sized businesses with people management, staff development, retention and improving work culture. Having built an engineering consultancy - iTRANS Consulting - that became a top 10 of the 50 Best Workplaces in Canada and a finalist in 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada, Hilda has made a name for herself in the business world. Utilizing her early career knowledge as a Nursing Leader, she now advises on the impact of cannabis in the workplace and speaks at events such as Let’s Talk Cannabis, O’Cannabiz, Grow Up Conference and the Special One Day Wellness and Medical Track for Physicians and other Healthcare Professionals.


Hilda joins me to discuss the changing face of cannabis in the workplace for both employees and employers. She explains what the legalization of cannabis could mean for work culture and policy, how it might affect management and where to go if you need some advice. She also shares her insight into the different types of cannabis use in the workplace and the stigmas that surround it.




“Have policies, protocols, and procedures in place, because your staff don’t know what they can or cannot do.” - Hilda Gan





Today on I’m A Millionaire...So, Now What?:


  • Hilda’s background and how she became CEO.
  • How her nursing background has helped her in business.
  • What does the legalization of cannabis mean for business?
  • The prohibition of cannabis and how it may end.
  • How to implement a policy on cannabis, as an employer.
  • Things to look out for and how to address cannabis use in the workplace.
  • The difference between recreational and medical cannabis and how they impact work culture.
  • How managers should interpret policies and practices.
  • Stigma and education around cannabis.



Hilda Gan’s Fun Frank Advice for Self-Made Millionaires & Wealthy Families:


  • Take vacations with your family - take the time to defrag, relax and enjoy each other.



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