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Apr 25, 2023

Welcome back to 🎙💫“I’m a Millionaire! So Now What?”💫🎙My guest on the microphone this week is Natalie Oldfield, a renowned thought leader on trust and the author of "The Power of Trust". Natalie shares with us, Self-made Nation, her expertise and strategies to help you strengthen your relationships with your customers and colleagues.

In my conversation with Natalie, you’ll learn:


  • The importance of trust, integrity, and delivering on expectations in business ✅

  • What the journey to becoming a specialist in a field as deep as trust looks like 👩‍💼

  • The Client Trust Index: what it is and how it's used to measure trust 📊

  • A case study on a business that successfully implemented trust-building strategies, leading to increased sales 💰 and a cash-rich exit 🚀


Tune in 🎧 to learn how to enhance trust within your own business and boost your growth!


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