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Nov 2, 2021

An exciting update on a cash-rich exit for some of our recent guests on the podcast! They are the next generation of the self-made nation - two special guests who are actually my cousins - Jacqueline Marquis and Nicholas Marquis; the former owners of the Almonte Ice Cream Shop. They recently sold their store to the Dewey family.


These bright, enterprising young entrepreneurs bought and managed a local ice cream shop in Almonte, Ontario, while still in high school. 


Jacqueline and Nicolas pooled together their college funds to buy the Almonte Ice Cream Shop and now they have successfully sold it. What a joy!


There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the next generation take the leap, take the risks, and test the waters.


As an investment for them, this venture not only got them a return in the form of an ROI on their money, but also a massive return in experience from a foray into the world of entrepreneurship. 


In this special episode, you can listen to their back story and draw inspiration.


🎧 Have a listen! 🎧