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Nov 23, 2021

In this throwback conversation from the fall of 2018 we bring back lessons from a period of time when c@nnabis was being launched into Canada as a legal, heavily-regulated substance for adult recreational use. 


We summarize my conversation with Dr. Terry Lake, a recurring guest and speaker with our podcast and virtual events - who never fails to offer incredible, logical wisdom.


Dr Lake has rich experience. He started in broadcasting, was a veterinarian, went into lecturing, moved on to be in politics (Minister of Health), and then Corporate Responsibility in an emerging field - ie: Cannabis (Hexo). 


He talks to Colleen about the deep and villainized history of c@nnabis and how Canada’s legalization of it is miles ahead of its time and something that's worth being excited about.


This is a knowledge translation of science and opinion from a truly expert source, on a controversial topic.


🎧 Have a listen! 🎧