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Aug 29, 2023

Welcome back with the last episode of our book club trilogy on investment philosophy, here at the "I'm a Millionaire. So, Now What?" podcast. In this episode I am joined by Alicia Castelino, Senior Relationship Manager of the Wealth Management Group at Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada. We bring you insights from the book Trillions by Robin Wigglesworth


This is the TRUE story of “how a band of wall street renegades invented the index fund and forever changed finance forever” While that may sound like movie script, this books is one of the 3 foundational investing books I recommend all members of the Self-made Nation read as you define and execute your investment philosophy.


Key takeaways from this episode:


🎲 Alicia and I discuss Warren Buffett's famous bet against hedge funds, where he wagered that the S&P 500 index would outperform a basket of hedge funds over 10 years. The index won by a significant margin, showing the difficulty of stock picking.


📈 The book details the origins of index funds, which predate Vanguard's first index fund in 1976. Wells Fargo and Dimensional founders had created earlier index funds in 1971, though they didn't gain widespread traction.


📊 Index funds aim to track a market benchmark, while active funds try to outperform through stock picking. Both can utilize ETF or mutual fund structures. It's important to look "under the hood" at a fund's strategy.


🧠 Having an evidence-based investment philosophy and process is crucial - you don't want to bet investments on one person's opinion alone.


You’ll find more valuable insights and actionable tips in the episode.

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