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Sep 17, 2019


Happiness and wealth are not intrinsically linked. Not everyone who has money is happy, and likewise, not everyone who isn’t wealthy is unhappy. However, wealth and money can support your happiness if you use it in meaningful ways. You shouldn’t apologize for being wealthy, but you should strive to be happy and bring joy to other people.


Today, I share some of the most important messages from our previous guests on being happy and unapologetically wealthy. I share how dollars can be thought of as freedom units and highlight that small and large amounts of money can make a difference to good causes, with the important message being that the value is meaningful to you. I also reveal why it is crucial for startups to strive to make a difference and how your money will amplify your intentions, whether good or bad.




“Money and wealth is a tool to manifest our wants and desires, create positive influence and impact.” - Colleen O’Connell-Campbell




Today on I’m A Millionaire...So, Now What:


  • How dollars are just units of freedom.
  • How a little or a lot of money can be used for good.
  • Living for the pursuit of impact, instead of the pursuit of money.
  • Why startups should have a goal for making some sort of a difference.
  • How wealth can make you more of who you are, by amplifying your intentions.



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