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Sep 29, 2020

Time is flying by, isn’t it? 📆📆📆


Hard to believe it’s already time for a new episode of “I’m a Millionaire. So Now What?” – but here we are!


I’m continuing the theme of “Me being super excited for my upcoming virtual event!” 😂


Double to Sell, Canada's premier workshop for business owners, is right around the corner!


It includes Cameron Herold, AND “tales from the trenches” sessions with folks who’ve already grabbed their cash-rich exit! 💰💵💰


This week, I chat with serial entrepreneur Chris Stanton. Chris built, scaled and sold two tech consulting companies but in no way has he slowed down! 💥🔥💥


Like many of you, entrepreneurship is in his blood. He shares great stories, and lessons learned. Enjoy!


Serial entrepreneur Chris Stanton has founded, built, scaled and sold two technology consulting companies. He has over 23 years of experience in sales and marketing operations, executive leadership building and managing strategic alliances, and program management of large-scale software implementations. But he didn’t start there. None of us do. What Chris had was an eye for watching how technology was changing early on, and then being able to extrapolate that into a vision for the future – the eventual evolution of technology. While completing a Bachelor of Business degree at St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, he loaded up his last few years on IT courses. It was 1996, and this “internet thing” was just starting to really come to life to the layperson.


Being a coder was never his goal. Instead, he brought his business acumen and a deep understanding of the inherent business value that IT and digital technology would be bringing to the table: digital transformation and the opportunities for businesses. He used those skills to successfully translate the business value of doing high tech projects, and the value of using software to transform your business, back when the enterprise and the C-Suite were, let’s say, a little more hesitant than they are today. Today, Chris pays it forward by helping young entrepreneurs and start up launchers succeed. As he says, there are fewer headaches that way.