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Each week on “I’m a Millionaire, So Now What?”, Colleen O’Connell-Campbell, Wealth Advisor at RBC Dominion Securities, delivers inspirational stories and practical advice to self-made millionaires and wealthy families. With a focus on financial planning and wealth management strategies, Colleen and her guests cover the critical issues that truly matter to you, including succession strategies, family business governance tips, how to cope with fundraiser fatigue, finding your purpose after losing your family business, and much more.

Nov 20, 2018

Carol Leaman is the CEO at Axonify, a company that has developed the 3-minute a day learning experience for the corporate learning space which combines brain science, adaptive microlearning, gamification, and predictive analytics. Axonify is number 25 on the 2017 Canadian Business Profit 500 List of fastest-growing businesses. Carol has held many CEO positions in tech companies, including PostRank Inc., an analytics business that she sold in June 2011 to Google. She is a public speaker and has won many awards including the Sarah Kirke Award (2010) for Canada’s Leading Female Entrepreneur and the Waterloo Region Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Intrepid Award (2011). She has a Master of Accounting, Bachelor of Arts, Accounting, and Economics from the University of Waterloo.

Carol joins me today to discuss Axonify’s learning through gamification program and her educational and professional journey. She discusses her reasoning for turning down a position with Google, in favor of a new venture with Axonify. She also shares her insights into the strategies that entrepreneurs can follow to raise capital and shares her views on the future of women in tech.


“When employees know the right information and know what to do, they will change their behavior dramatically, and it results in a business outcome that is often measurable to our customers.” - Carol Leaman. 


Today on I’m A Millionaire...So, Now What?:


  • Carol’s formal education and her teenage drive to become an entrepreneur and corporate CEO.
  • Her career path from public accounting to running technology companies and purchasing Axonify.
  • Turning down a Google career offer to instead be in control of her destiny.
  • The figures, growth, and raising of capital for Axonify.
  • The role of Axonify and the benefits of the brain science learning that they offer.
  • Practical strategies that entrepreneurs can use to raise capital.
  • How Carol sees the landscape of women running tech companies now and in the future.



Carol Leaman’s Fun Frank Advice for Self-Made Millionaires & Wealthy Families:


  • It is hard running early stage and being in the tech world so don’t lose sight of what your mission was and what you are trying to accomplish. You should understand that you will have to weather the highs and lows, but you will get there.



Connect with Carol Leaman:





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