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Aug 4, 2020

Ottawa-based Roderick Costain is the founder and CEO of RoCo Industries. With a background in chemistry, project management, and construction he’s providing a new option for net-zero homes. He grew up working for his father’s construction company, helping build homes and attending every event that showcased the latest technologies in homebuilding. After a 25-year career in chemistry, he was able to bring his interest in environmentally friendly, net-zero homes to fruition. 


His integrated solar siding is both an insulated siding product that saves on your heating bill and a solar tile that generates electricity to save on your electricity bill. His initial goal when developing his product was to create a highly scalable technology that could also be used in a range of other products. As he says, in classic Self Made Nation style, “I've always kind of had this idea of becoming an entrepreneur and starting up my own business and with all the trends toward net zero, I saw an opportunity to solve a problem.”