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May 26, 2020

On this week’s episode of “I’m a Millionaire, so now what?”  – STRESS (and how to handle it).


There’s certainly been enough stress these past few months to last a lifetime! 


My guest, Dr. Thomas Minde shares his personal journey from anxious child to professional psychotherapist, supporting clients as they nurture their mental wellness.


Along with stress, we explore:


🌟 Leadership in trying times.

🌟 The importance of self-care.

🌟 And the comfort spirituality can bring.


A fierce believer in taking “healing” beyond only prescribing drugs, he has a fascinating life story you don’t want to miss!


Dr. Thomas Minde did his undergrad degree at Queen's University, a BA honors in psychology. He then received his MD degree from Queen's University. That was in 1990. And he did his residency in family medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Since that time, he's been working in various aspects of Family Medicine in Montreal, Wakefield in the Arctic, and Ottawa. This has included office based primary care, emergency room, hospital inpatients, geriatrics, psychotherapy, research and teaching.


He's also discovered that being a doctor and running a business can (and often do) go hand in hand. He’s the perfect person for executives and business leaders to hear from for perspective on how to handle all the trials and tribulations this Covid-19 upheaval has dropped us in. How we can emotionally and mentally get through to the other side, and how the more comfortable you get with your own self - your inner self, your mind, AND your stress situations – the easier it becomes to shake off stress.


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