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Sep 4, 2018

Susan Fulford is a Family Continuity Advisor, speaker, mediator, and Managing Director of Dynamic Legacy Inc. With extensive experience in the legal, global business, and wealth management sectors, she offers independent, objective advisory services to family offices and business families. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgood Hall and an Executive MBA from Ivey Business School. She has appeared as a subject matter expert on BNN and presented on stages such as TIGER 21, YPO, CEO Global Executive Network, and CFA Institute Annual Conference. Additionally, she is the contributing author for several publications including Investment Advisor and Investment Executive and is the founder of the collaborative Institute of Family Enterprise Stewards.


Susan joins me today to discuss how your values, perspective, and purpose impact your ability to create a sustainable succession plan for your wealth and business. She explains the connection between wealth, responsibility, and purpose as well as the importance of aligning your decisions and choices with your core values. She also shares strategies wealthy families and business owners can use to ensure successful transitions of wealth and assets.



“If you know your values and find your purpose, it equals happiness down the road.” - Susan Fulford



Today on I’m A Millionaire...So Now What?:


  • How your perspective and purpose impacts your decisions.
  • Global best practices for successfully transitioning your assets and business into future generations.
  • How individual values impact a successful transition of assets and wealth.
  • What is the “Value Bridge?”
  • How she works with intergenerational families to identify their common core values.
  • How strong family values influence the sustainability of transferring your wealth.
  • The connection between wealth, responsibility, and purpose.
  • The role that philanthropy plays in wealthy families.
  • The connection between philanthropic “passion projects” and a family’s core values.



Susan Fulford’s Fun, Frank Advice for Self-Made Millionaires & Wealthy Families:


  • Know your values.



Connect with Susan Fulford:





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