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May 4, 2021

Today on πŸ’«β€œI’m a Millionaire! So Now What?” πŸ’«I talk to the founder of not one, but three startups, entrepreneur Alberto Aguilar, about leaving a positive legacy through sustainable initiatives. Alberto is the co-founder of Plantaform, a biotech startup that created a soil-free indoor home gardening system using pioneering fogponics technology. It allows you to grow up to 15 vegetables in three weeks in a designer container in your kitchen – one that’s about as big as a mini fridge. 


Together with ex-schoolmate, industrial designer and co-founder Kiwa Lang, Alberto Aguilar saw the need for a sustainable solution tailored to busy urbanites who don’t have the time or space to grow their own food. One that might contribute towards a positive impact in the world. 


Find out: 

🌱 What makes Alberto tick

🌱 How Rejuvenate works (and why failure made this team stronger)

🌱 The reasoning behind the soft launch and investment drive

🌱 Why not having a plan B can be the key to success


Have a listen! 🎧