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May 11, 2021

It’s time for πŸŽ™β€œI’m a Millionaire! So Now What?β€πŸŽ™ – where I’ll be discussing eight drivers of value in business. A system by John Warrillow, developed from the study of 50,000 businesses like yours.

The goal? To help you:

πŸ’° Look at your company through the eyes of a potential buyer,


πŸ’° identify and focus on the areas that could have a negative impact on your cash flow, a potential premium offer, your growth, and your time,


πŸ’° find opportunities to make improvements, 


πŸ’° create a plan for your exit, long-term growth, and personal satisfaction.


🎧 Have a listen to learn about the Value Builder System and hear of my thoughts on how you can do this! 🎧