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Colleen O'Connell-Campbell delivers inspirational stories from the Self-Made Nation. She puts a focus on planning and wealth management strategies for businesses looking to build the strategy that will lead to a cash-rich exit. With guests across different industries and philosophies, you'll hear stories that go deep and tactical. Perhaps most importantly, Colleen and her guests offer 'fun, frank advice' in a segment that is being compiled into a book.

Dec 1, 2020

In this week’s 💫“I’m a Millionaire. So Now What?” 💫 we talk the green stuff.


No, not money. 💰💰💰Marijuana! 😆😉😆


More specifically, the global B2B cannabis market! 🔥🔥🔥


Who would have ever thought, eh?


Well, Tyler LeBlanc, Director & Co-Founder of apollogreen, did!


Back in 2013, he saw the shifts in social mores around cannabis and got started.


After a multi-year, multi-step process, he’s now a 🇨🇦Health Canada 🇨🇦licensed producer, with a focus on genetics, innovation and the development of proprietary high-yield cultivation methodology.


He’s built a state-of-the-art facility east of downtown Ottawa and has a great story about his foray into the world of weed. 🎋





Tyler F. R. LeBlanc is the Director, Co-Founder and visionary behind the B2B cannabis provider, apollogreen. The only legal way to grow, sell and export cannabis in Canada is to become a Health Canada licensed producer, a multi-year, multi-step application and approval process. apollogreen was among the first wave of Canadian businesses to submit an application to Health Canada, and Tyler led the rigorous application process, steering the company toward a focus on genetics, innovation and the development of proprietary high-yield cultivation methodology.


Not surprisingly, Tyler has built relationships with an extensive network of cannabis experts from around the world. Today, apollogreen has a genetic bank of more than 600+ world-class cannabis strains, all graded AAAA (quad or quadruple A), and like the finest wines all over the world, each strain has its own unique flavour profile, terpene blend, flowering time, colour, height, yield, degree of disease resistance, and medicinal properties.