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Dec 25, 2018

Christmas time is, for many people, the most wonderful time of year when they can catch up with friends and family. There are many Christmas traditions such as eating or drinking certain foods, enjoying Christmas music, and watching favorite Christmas movies with friends and loved ones. For some, Christmas has a deeply spiritual or religious meaning. Gift giving is one of the most celebrated traditions of Christmas but the process of choosing a gift can result in stress and anxiety.

Today, I share a strategy that can help you choose a Christmas gift for someone who can afford anything that they want and anything they need whenever they need it. I help you recognize the various types of people and how you can determine the types of gifts that will appeal to them. I also share how the five love languages can help you reduce the stress and anxiety of the gift-giving season and help you select the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.


“It’s a universal human need to be needed, to belong - and that’s regardless of our wealth.” - Colleen O’Connell-Campbell


Today on I’m A Millionaire...So, Now What?:


  • What the book The 5 Love Languages by Doctor Gary Chapman teaches us.
  • How we each know that someone else cares about us.
  • What are the five love languages?
  • How we each have one primary love language and how to recognize a love language profile.
  • What the love languages mean and how you can use the primary language of others to strategize gift buying.


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