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Dec 8, 2020

On this week’s episode of “I’m a Millionaire. So Now What?” I want to introduce you to Carley Schelck.


Carly’s the epitome of everything I love and admire in the Self Made Nation. 💫💫💫


She’s owner and CEO of The Urban Element, an Ottawa-based culinary studio and event management company. 🎉


Gives back to her community via Cultivating Cooks, a hands-on, classroom-based, gardening and cooking program for students. 🥬🍅👩‍🌾


She’s a teacher and a mentor. And believes everyone should have access to quality ingredients – from the garden to the table, so to speak. 👏👏👏


And like so many other foodies, she had to do the “big pivot” when 🦠 Covid 🦠 hit!


Check out her story.


Carley Schelck has always been inspired by the creativity and challenges the hospitality and food industry presents. Carly is the owner and CEO of The Urban Element, an Ottawa-based culinary studio and event management company that, with her passionate team of food professionals, delivers exceptional, one of a kind, culinary experiences. Known in both culinary and community circles, beyond her involvement in elevating the food experience, she is committed to ensuring everyone has access to quality ingredients. That led her to develop Cultivating Cooks, a hands-on classroom-based gardening and cooking program that connects students with local chefs, community gardeners, and other local food producers.


Carley teaches in the Business Management and Entrepreneurship Program at Algonquin College, and mentors graduates transitioning into the business world. She operates and manages a “garden to cafeteria” program at Saint Paul University which helps bring from scratch seasonal products into a campus setting, and she’s a member of The Ottawa School Food Network, a coalition of like-minded individuals founded to motivate change and create impact on various school food initiatives.