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Oct 10, 2019


Katherine Thompson is the Principal of Human Firewall Solutions Inc, an organization focused on helping businesses find, secure, and retain cybersecurity professionals. Katherine is the Chair of the Canadian Cyber Security Innovation Institute and a speaker on the state of cybersecurity in Canada. She is an expert on the security of critical infrastructure, breach management, the risks for small to medium-sized enterprises, and the growing labor and skills shortages. Previously, Katherine was the national spokesperson and chair of CATA and held senior positions at MNP, GTACC, and Transcom.


Katherine joins me today to share how a cyber breach can impact businesses of all sizes. She reveals the severity of the consequences a hack could have for SMEs and stresses why it is vital to acquire cyber insurance now before costs start to spiral upwards. Katherine also shares how there is a shortfall of cybersecurity professionals in the market and why we must get young Canadians interested in cybersecurity as a career path.




“Don’t just look at cyber as a security risk. Look at it as a risk to revenue.” - Katherine Thompson




Today on I’m A Millionaire...So, Now What:


  • Why small and medium-sized enterprises need to be aware of cybersecurity risks.
  • How the impact of cybersecurity hacks is more severe for SMEs.
  • The supplier agreement and the need for cyber remedies to be in place.
  • Why you should get cyber insurance now and get in early.
  • Why it is vital to educate your workforce and build a human firewall.
  • The labor shortfall of cybersecurity professionals in Canada.
  • Why we need to get young Canadians interested in cybersecurity.



Katherine Thompson’s Fun Frank Advice for Self-Made Millionaires & Wealthy Families:


  • The onus of responsibility for the protection of our personal information is not someone else's; it's not the banks or the governments. So as a consumer in the digital economy, we all should understand the companies we are sharing our information with. Do not be afraid to ask a company how do you protect my data, how do you use it, and who do you share it with?


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