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Sep 25, 2018


Kevin Hall, CEO of International Cannabis Solutions and President of Chronic Pain Toronto is internationally acclaimed and educated on the use of medicinal cannabis. Since 2001, he has been helping to alleviate the pain of friends and family by facilitating access to cannabis as a pain management mechanism. Since then, he has consulted with governing bodies, medical practitioners and pharmaceutical industry representatives to educate and better serve the global community when it comes to medicinal cannabis.


Today, we discuss the little-known processes of pain management, evidence of highly successful cannabis treatments and how to navigate the complex and confusing rhetoric of medical studies. In a world that fears and vilifies the use of cannabis, we explore the potential uses and benefits of natural remedies. Kevin enlightens us on the “most researched plant on the planet,” as well as sharing his journey with pain management.




“Only 16 hours of clinical studies are dedicated to pain management. It made sense that no one could treat because no one knew about pain management.” - Kevin Hall





Today on I’m A Millionaire...So, Now What?:


  • Kevin’s personal journey with pain management and medical marijuana.
  • How to ensure the best possible pain management for you and your family.
  • Cannabis/cannabinoids vs. opioids for long-term chronic pain management.
  • Stigmas and premises attached to cannabis use.
  • The types, descriptions and different purposes of cannabis and cannabinoids.
  • The 8 ways to navigate and understand cannabis studies and reports.
  • Who is researching cannabis and why?
  • Who is paying for cannabis research?
  • Where to start when researching cannabis and its uses.



Kevin Hall’s Fun Frank Advice for Self-Made Millionaires & Wealthy Families:


  • Never give up hope and keep trying. Be grateful for everyday!



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