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Nov 30, 2021

Two years after cannabis became legal for adult recreational use, how are organizations navigating its use in the workplace? As leaders and owners of businesses with teams, are we making progress in terms of policies and procedures as it relates to weed in the workplace? 


I’m continuing to rewind the clock and editorializing a number of episodes where I have had entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals who have background expertise in the cannabis industry that is still very new, and yet growing like weed. (Yes the episode is rife with terrible parent puns!) 


Meet Hilda Gan again, Chief People Officer and owner of People Bright Consulting. She has a specialty in HR for cannabis. 


Hilda says cannabis in the workplace is something that a lot of companies have not yet pondered. At a high level, companies need to think about what they're doing and put in place policies. 


A few of Hilda’s points


  1. Start with research and a policy.
  2. Think about the brand of your company, both from the talend and client point of view.
  3. Train to educate and remove bias. 


🎧 Have a listen! 🎧


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