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Dec 21, 2021

For a lot of business owners, the Christmas giving season is a major time of year to create sales. For me, and many of my business owner clients, it’s a bit more about pausing and reflecting.


My big hairy audacious goal is to double the number of Self-Made Millionaires in Canada, building a more self-reliant Canada. 

I want to normalize the notion that growing wealth through your business is a good thing. 


I am thrilled that at the ‘I’m a millionaire. So, now what?’ podcast, we have over 40,000 unique downloads. 

And over 200 episodes! 


As we go into 2022, here’s what you should you expect from this podcast.


1. 'Where are they now?’ (Update stories on pre-revenue and early stage businesses I’ve previously interviewed)


2. Guest panels on my podcast – two or three guests - ie. M&A professionals, accounting professionals, philanthropic giving foundations or professionals – coming together to chat holistic business growth and exit. 


3. Wealth management strategies 


  • How to optimize your wealth
  • More concepts for you to think about as you consider a cash-rich exit from your business 
  • The eight drivers of company value. I've introduced to you these drivers that make your company more valuable upon exit. They make your company more interesting and appealing in the eyes of an acquirer. I will dig into those a little bit more, bringing some case studies. 


Here are timestamps to some of the topics covered: 

[01:58] Time of year of gift giving, thank you

[03:14] Celebrate the wealth you have created

[04:46] Ideas for 2022

[06:10] Panels

[07:24] Wealth management strategies

[09:14] Interview guest suggestions

[10:55] Outro


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