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Dec 13, 2022

Welcome back to “I’m a Millionaire! So, now what?” I'm your host, Colleen O'Connell-Campbell, and today I welcome Finka Jerkovic, passionate sales practitioner and author. 

A much needed skill for the Self-made Nation as we navigate a recession. 


Finka is the author of “Sell From Love” in which she presents a three-step framework built on authenticity, empathy, and purpose. A call to shift from transactional to transformational selling. 


Finka and I dive into:


📝The concept of “Brilliant Difference”

📝How to move from a place in which you are selling from fear to a place where you are selling from love and awareness 

📝 Fun, frank advice from Finka


There’s so much more to the podcast. Have a listen! 🎧


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