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Each week on “I’m a Millionaire, So Now What?”, Colleen O’Connell-Campbell, Wealth Advisor at RBC Dominion Securities, delivers inspirational stories and practical advice to self-made millionaires and wealthy families. With a focus on financial planning and wealth management strategies, Colleen and her guests cover the critical issues that truly matter to you, including succession strategies, family business governance tips, how to cope with fundraiser fatigue, finding your purpose after losing your family business, and much more.

Jun 30, 2020

It’s another edition of “I’m a Millionaire. So Now What?” 


And happy summer! 🌞🌞🌞 I hope you enjoy the ‘love of life’ that comes with warm weather and sunshine. 😎


To keep the positivity flowing, I spoke with my favourite past guests, to see how they’re keeping their companies afloat and the economy moving. 


Today, I caught up with Elizabeth Kilvert, a certified Oleologist (a sommelier for olive oil) and owner of "The Unrefined Olive."


We talk:


Mindset, pre-lockdown, and now?

Inspiration and motivation. 

How she’s doubling down? 

And what’s being doubled down on in her business.


A passion for the environment, food, and travel led to her success.  


Do what you know and love. Have a listen!


We get in depth about emotional fatigue, how to handle the mountainous level of change that has happened since Covid-19 shut down our worlds, and how business owners and entrepreneurs can make SURE they don’t hit the metaphorical wall when tap-dancing around the unknown and uncertainty that comes with running a business during a pandemic.  


Her work ethic, core values, and her passion for the environment, food, and travel, have made her Elizabeth Kilvert the success she is today. She has worked on four continents and in numerous countries; her roles have included community development officer, director of education and community outreach, researcher, scuba diver, organic farm certification officer, microbiologist, public analyst, science outreach advisor, volunteer coordinator, citizen science coordinator, entrepreneur, business owner, and sole proprietor. 


The culmination of her passion has directed her education, life experience, and work history, and resulted in her bursting the federal bubble of her civil service career and the launch of her first business: The Unrefined Olive, in Ottawa in 2012. 


It has since grown into two storefront locations in The Glebe and Kanata. She has created a wonderful clientele of home cooks, chefs, people who love to eat, individuals seeking nutritional information, and anyone who ventures into the two stores.