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Jan 1, 2019


The New Year is a time for looking back at the past year and for celebrating the arrival of a new year. The countdown to the new year builds excitement and celebrations through song, dance, and fireworks. Once the celebrations end, many people follow the age-old tradition of setting a New Year’s Resolution that promises to improve one’s self or make a promise to help others.

Today, I share with you my family’s New Year traditions and how we remember the past year and celebrate the arrival of the new. I also share my New Year’s resolution and reveal the strategies we can use to make sure our New Year’s promises do not get broken.


How are you ringing in the new year?



“When you make your New Year’s Resolutions public, your community is more likely to support you, help you make it a reality, and actually join in and enjoy the success together.” - Colleen O’Connell-Campbell




Today on I’m A Millionaire...So, Now What?:


  • My New Year’s resolution and my vision for the future
  • How I intend to achieve my New Year’s promise.
  • Strategies to achieve your New Year’s resolutions and goals.
  • The facts and figures for wealth and the number of Canadian millionaires.
  • What assets make up the wealth of Canadian millionaires.
  • The ways in which The Giving Pledge is helping to spread wealth more evenly throughout the population.
  • How the Vicki Saunders SheEO Radical Generosity Movement works.
  • My upcoming Real Riches Roadmap.




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