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Jul 28, 2020

It’s time for another episode of “I'm a Millionaire. So now what?” 🎉🎉🎉


I started this podcast to provide advice, critical insights and the strategies you need to manage your life, your money, and your business.


I never imagined I’d be adding a global pandemic into that mix, but here we are. 😬😆😬


This is the final show in my 🦠COVID-19🦠 update miniseries, where I chat with past guests about how they’ve been coping these chaotic last few months.


Today, you’ll meet Serge & Mireille Bellavance, a brother/sister team helping to move an established family business into the 21st century.


We chat inspiration, motivation, and mindset, opportunities to double down in their business, and much more.




The brother-sister duo, Mireille and Serge Bellavance, are the next-generation business leaders and co-owners of Urban Quarry, a family-operated company that specializes in customizing, fabricating, and installing Cambria Quartz Surfaces. As Vice President of Operations, Mireille oversees the company’s efficiency and is responsible for ensuring that the right technology and products are in place, in addition to handling a team of managers and leaders. Serge is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and manages a team of eight people and ensures quality products and customer service. He is also responsible for overseeing inside sales reps and cultivating new business. Together, the Bellavance siblings introduced modern business operations to Urban Quarry, and continue to drive growth and expansion into the 21st century.