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Jul 14, 2020

Today, on “I’m a Millionaire. So Now What?” you get me and only me!


It’s a solo effort this week, because I want to talk about the art of gathering.


Over the years, whether for business or pleasure, get-togethers were controlled, ritualized events. You set the time, place, guest list. And voila! 🎉🍷🍽


Until, that is, Covid-19 came along and disrupted our notion of gathering.


There’s still an art to good gathering though, whether virtual or in real life.


You need to consider three things while planning a flawless online gathering:


🎞 Purpose

🎞 Uniqueness

🎞 And planning for disputes


In this episode, I walk you through this new normal of bringing people together, and more.


Hope you enjoy!


COVID-19 has been incredibly disruptive to our lives. It threatened our health - physical, emotional, and mental health, and pushed our economy into a coma. One of the biggest disruptions has been to how we gather, how we connect.


Recently, my dinner party - Elevated Conversations - connected another small group of business owners and members of the Self Made Nation virtually. Called “An Ode to Gathering,” we explored this new normal of virtual networking, attending conferences, even just, as I was doing, hosting a dinner party! We decided that fundamentally, the basics haven’t changed. Whether five or 1,500 people are logging into their favourite video platform to connect with you, your gathering requires the same amount of preparation and thought as it would if it was being held face-to-face.  


As the economy begins to reawaken, we’re on pins and needles to see how quickly it will improve or recover. Or if there will be another flare up, resulting in another Covid-induced coma, stagnating our personal and business lives, and tamping down on economic growth. Either way, and what will NEVER change, is that people coming together to share ideas, inspire action, and/or protest is a powerful force.