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Apr 21, 2020

In this episode of “I'm a Millionaire. So Now What?” I have some special guests on the show to talk about crisis communication during economic upheaval.


Of course, many of you are already wondering where the next piece of business is going to come from or juggling working from home and caring for your kids.


But we need to keep the wheels of this economy turning and communicate with our clients at the same time.


  • How do we grab an audience that’s already being bombarded with messaging (and stress!)?
  • How do we “sell” without sounding tone-deaf?
  • And how do we pepper our messaging with the reality of Covid-19 without sounding like ambulance-chasers?


Susan Diaz and Will Lamont have those answers, and many more.


Susan and Will are also entrepreneurs, founders of c+p digital, a Toronto-based, full-service marketing agency that delivers simplified solutions and programs to help companies’ messaging break through the digital clutter.


And wow, there is quite LITERALLY no better time than NOW to fine-tune and hone your messaging.


We are experiencing – collectively - an event that is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime happening. 


And the first thing you must consider when thinking about ‘bull-horning’ your marketing messaging to your audience is that, while silence at this time is definitely not the way to go, plowing through like it’s business as usual isn’t either.


  •   Make sure you've got a good marketing team around you that knows how to pivot.
  •   Think hard about what's going to keep you/your company in this game.
  •   Hand-hold your already developed relationships, and gently nurse new ones.
  •   And remember, we’re all in this together - navigating as we go.


Best advice? Before hitting publish, step back and read the room. Keep your eye on the day’s news and adjust accordingly.


This episode is full of really excellent advice for ALL communicators who are manoeuvring through this Covid-19 chaos. I hope you’ll have a listen and reach out if you have any questions.


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