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May 24, 2022

Back in November, I spoke to Kris McCarthy, Co-Founder/COO of FanSaves, whom you heard from again the past couple of weeks. And I wanted to expand that conversation.


This week on “I’m a Millionaire! So Now What?”  I talk to the brain power behind the sports-focused mobile couponing app. 


This is Shannon Ferguson, FanSaves’ Co-Founder & CEO. Also a (former) competitive hockey player. With her partner, Kris McCarthy, she paired her love of hockey (and sports in general) as well as her passion for sponsorship sales and digital marketing and helped launch the sports-focused mobile couponing platform, offering discounts and deals from sponsors. Her public speaking skills have allowed her to pitch their startup to important investors on stages across the world. 


Colleen and Shannon dig into:


💥 The parallels between sport and business.
💥 Overcoming overwhelming obstacles, personal and professional.
💥 The entrepreneurial resilience reservoir. 
💥 And the power of having a vivid vision for the future – even before officially launching.


Women are the backbone of small business in Canada. Let’s celebrate that.


Have a listen and enjoy!