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May 5, 2020

Today on “I'm a Millionaire. So Now What?” – meet serial entrepreneur Karla Briones!


Born in Mexico, Karla and her (also entrepreneurial!) family immigrated when she was a teen.


Today, she juggles being a wife and mom with running multiple businesses online and off, and a consulting company helping immigrants succeed in business.


We chat about:


✅ How resilience should be the backbone of all entrepreneurs (especially as we all face the economic uncertainty of Covid-19).

✅ How “do what you love” (yes, there’s a puppy story!) propelled her into her first business.

✅ And the good and bad about being a franchisee.


She’s also behind an important initiative to feed frontline healthcare workers.


Karla’s mission is to build the strongest, most thriving and collaborative immigrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in the world. One newcomer at a time. Her Immigrant Entrepreneur Academy is going to be a digital platform where newcomers will gain knowledge, access mentorship through a network of other successful immigrant entrepreneurs, and access funding so that they can launch, incubate and accelerate their businesses, anywhere in Canada and in any industry.


She’s a shining example of the Self-Made Nation - one of society's true wealth creators and someone that we need to celebrate because she has given so much to our communities. I hope you enjoy her story!


I would also LOVE to share YOUR story. If you’re interested, drop me a line.