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Apr 13, 2020

In this week’s episode of “I'm a Millionaire. So Now What?”  we’re going to talk about how important it is to keep the wheels turning and the economy moving during this period of uncertainty.


No one really knows for sure how long Covid-19 will last. When people’s lives return to normal and cities and towns start opening up again!


But when it happens – you’ll regret it if you’ve had the brakes on the entire time.


My guest this week is Robert Hill, owner at commercial office furniture company Nua Office Inc.


Their company ethos is built on relationship-building and helping clients succeed based on listening, building trust and transparency.  


He’s a firm believer in doing whatever you can to keep making money during this chaos. Obviously, DON’T hoard toilet paper and hand sanitizer and sell it to people at a massive markup!! Don’t be that guy! But, if you can, definitely keep working.


  •   Don’t be apologetic about it.
  •   Don’t worry about the possibility of negative feedback.
  •   Think about ways you could pivot your business to provide value during Covid-19


Robert’s also a mental health advocate and talks at length about the importance of managing stress as a business owner in times of crisis. Have a listen. I think you’ll enjoy it.


“I think it's actually a disservice if we hold back from providing those strategies because we're afraid of the negative backlash, that we're selling something in an environment where so many people are, are fearful and in crisis and legitimately in crisis as well, but it doesn't serve anyone to hold back on a strategy or a solution right now.”


“I certainly don't want to make it sound like anyone who lays people off is doing a disservice there, people just don't have the cash, like, don't have the money to pay these people to keep working. But in order for them to beat that, make sure there's a company for them to come back to in three or four months!!”


“Make these prudent decisions and lean on the government with unemployment and stuff like that. It's a very dynamic situation. But, but yeah, you have to keep positive. If nothing else, keep as positive as possible because it really doesn't do anybody any good.”


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