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Sep 22, 2020

I am so excited to bring you today's “I’m a Millionaire. So Now What?” guest! 🎉🎉🎉




Because Double to Sell, Canada's premier workshop for business owners, is coming up fast!


And it includes a “tales from the trenches” session with folks who’ve already grabbed their cash-rich exit! 💰💵💰


Paul Vallée is one of them!


Paul’s the CEO of Tehama, a SaaS platform that delivers cloud-based virtual rooms and desktops for the enterprise.


(Yes, he’s still a CEO – find out more about his exit – and entrance – in the podcast!)


We talk:


✅ Spin-offs.

✅ The future of work.

✅ And how turducken relates to business. 🦃🦆🐓


You have to hear it to believe it! 😆😆😆


He’s got a great story, and many lessons to share. Enjoy!



Not all business owners are looking to exit *EXIT* their business. They’re not always ready for a “traditional” retirement. And sometimes the exiting of one business, is about putting a focus on a second business, or acquiring the proper funding for a spin off. That’s the story of Tehama CEO Paul Vallée. Tehama is a SaaS platform that delivers uber-secure, cloud-based virtual rooms and desktops for the enterprise. Basically a “virtual office as a service,” making it easy for companies to connect remote workers, teams, and freelancers with mission-critical and data-sensitive systems with the speed, agility, unparalleled security, and comprehensive audit trail needed to maintain critical enterprise security. Paul envisioned a future that allows anyone to work from anywhere. Perceiving an opportunity for the Internet and related technologies to unlock human potential, he set out to apply and invent technology that could securely connect global workforces to enterprise IT systems. He was a pioneer in remote connectivity technology, and lays claim to the first application of IPSEC VPN technology, co-founding Pythian in 1997.


Paul founded Pythian as a data-centric services business with a focus on remote work, and under his leadership, the company developed ground-breaking tools that enable teams to work and interact seamlessly and securely even when dispersed across multiple continents. It is at Pythian that Tehama was born, then launched to the public in 2018, and now spun out to develop its opportunity to help global enterprises seeking to secure their services supply chain.