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Oct 16, 2018


Trina Fraser, co-managing partner at Brazeau Seller Law, is an expert in the area of cannabis law. As head of BSL’s CannaLaw Group, she is a leading voice on cannabis law and publically offers comment and opinion on licensing, consumption and investing. A Queen’s University graduate, she also sits on the board of directors of The Snowsuit Fund and provides pro bono legal services to several charities and non-profits, including the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.


Today, Trina joins me to discuss the legal aspects of Canada’s changing views and legislation on cannabis use. We cover the implications of cannabis on landlords and tenants, how different states treat the consumption of cannabis and how current laws are set to change in the near future. She discusses some of the issues around the ever-changing landscape of medical and recreational cannabis use, including the difficulties that cannabis speakers, users and business professionals have when it comes to border crossing. She also shares the latest advances in cannabis law and advises on the best ways to educate yourself.



“You’re much better off, as a landlord, trying to think about rules that would involve reasonable restrictions as opposed to absolute prohibitions on consumptions or cultivation of cannabis.” - Trina Fraser





Today on I’m A Millionaire...So, Now What?:


  • Trina’s journey into cannabis law.
  • How cannabis affects tenant and landlords, legally.
  • What is a ‘pot shop’ and are they legal?
  • How different provinces are dealing with legalized cannabis.
  • Common challenges associated with border-crossing with cannabis.
  • The difficulties for those who work or invest in the cannabis industry.
  • What kind of cannabis use is set to be legalized in Ontario?
  • The problem with ‘places of consumption.’
  • How to vet public information and press releases.



Trina Fraser’s Fun Frank Advice for Self-Made Millionaires & Wealthy Families:


  • Don’t be fearful. Explore the evidence and risks of cannabis versus other substances. Focus on education and talk about it.



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