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Dec 7, 2021

Tyler LeBlanc is Director and Co-founder of Apollo Green, one of Canada’s first cannabis businesses to be granted licensing for cultivation and processing. Located out of Ottawa, Apollo Green’s mission is to uphold a high standard of seeds and plants to distribute to medicinal consumers. For this episode of I’m a Millionaire So Now What, Tyler discloses the hurdles he had to jump to get Apollo Green federally licensed and shares the most significant challenge he faced once receiving his license. 


The cannabis plant has a unique way of connecting people. It seems like if you share the plant with someone, then you sort of have this connection and bond instantly.” – Tyler LeBlanc


Here are timestamps to some of the topics we discussed:


[00:55] Introduction to Tyler LeBlanc

[05:08] The genesis of Apollo Green

[09:01] Meeting Ed Rosenthal

[15:05] State of Apollo Green as of Sept 2020

[18:49] Future of Apollo Green

[20:27] Biggest challenge

[22:17] Most rewarding part of the journey

[23:31] Self-made advice

[24:46] Outro


Find out more about Apollo Green here