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Dec 14, 2021

Creating wealth through your business is not just something that should be normalized but also celebrated. For this episode of, I’m a Millionaire So Now What, we do just that. I tell the story of Tobias Lutke, co-founder of Shopify and tech tycoon, who takes a $1 salary and is met with backlash and disdain rather than celebrating the achievements of the e-commerce platform. What began as a simple online store grew into one of the most notable names in the online space, elevating Canada’s spot in the tech world.

They had humble beginnings. I remember picking up a business card years ago at an Ottawa tradeshow. I've kept that card all this time and I’m thinking of making it into an NFT!

“I believe that accumulating wealth to be self-reliant, to have financial freedom, is good. I believe that growing wealth through your business is just and worthy.”


Here are timestamps to some of the topics we discussed:

[01:10] Financial post article; Tech Tycoon who takes $1 in Salary
[05:24] Cheery Pier tradeshow
[09:01] Building a more self-reliant Canada
[10:08] Celebrating achievements of a self-made nation
[13:45] Building wealth with a solid base of professionals
[15:58] Reaching out


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