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Jul 5, 2022

Today on “I’m a Millionaire! So Now What?”, say hello to Jennifer McGahan, the mastermind behind WIREInvestment. A leading business woman and finalist of the Business Woman of the Year award in 2018, Jennifer's mandate has always been to work and collaborate with women.  It was during her time in her interior design business that she noticed a lack of female representation in the real estate investment world, as well as underrepresentation in construction, property development, and private lending. Jennifer founded WIREInvestment Corp. in 2019, with the intent to create wealth and opportunity for female investors.


In this episode, Jennifer and I dive into:


📝The importance of diversity in investment to build ongoing personal wealth 

📝Women in the real estate industry and the opportunity that lies within

📝When real estate accounts for 76% of the country's overall wealth, why do women possess less than 20% of the titles?

📝 Fun, frank advice from Jennifer McGahan


There’s so much more to the podcast. Have a listen! 🎧


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