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Nov 21, 2023

Welcome to the latest episode of the 'The Cash Rich Exit Podcast’, where we delve into the pivotal world of business valuation, mergers, and acquisitions. In this episode, our host, Colleen O'Connell-Campbell, is joined by the insightful Guylaine Ure from Sunbelt Business Brokers. Guylaine brings her extensive experience as a certified business intermediary and real estate agent, offering unique perspectives for small to mid-market M&A clients.


On the episode, Colleen and Guylaine discuss:


🔍 The intricacies of business valuation and M&A from an expert's perspective.


💼 The priorities of buyers when considering small to medium-sized businesses.


🚀 Effective exit strategies and methods to increase a business's value.


📖 Real-world stories and practical advice for preparing a successful business exit.


⏳ The importance of starting exit planning at least five years in advance.


🤝 The crucial role of a business broker in facilitating successful transactions.


💹 The importance of maintaining a profitable, well-documented business with streamlined processes.


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Colleen O’Connell-Campbell is a Wealth Advisor at RBC Dominion Securities, a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.