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Nov 19, 2019

The brother-sister duo, Mireille and Serge Bellavance, are the next-generation business leaders and co-owners of Urban Quarry, a family-operated company that specializes in customizing, fabricating, and installing Cambria Quartz Surfaces. As Vice President of Operations, Mireille oversees the company’s efficiency and is responsible for ensuring that the right technology and products are in place, in addition to handling a team of managers and leaders. Serge is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and manages a team of eight people and ensures quality products and customer service. He is also responsible for overseeing inside sales reps and cultivating new business. Together, the Bellavance siblings introduce modern business operations to Urban Quarry.

Mireille and Serge join me today to discuss the beginnings of Urban Quarry. They discuss how they expanded the business from 12 employees in 2001 to more than 50 employees today. They discuss the importance of maintaining boundaries as a family business and how they do it. They share some of the biggest hurdles they have faced and how they overcame business challenges. They also explain how maintaining excellent communication and honesty contributes to their business’s overall success.



“Building those relationships and loyalty is a key element to our success.” – Mireille Bellavance



Today on I’m A Millionaire…So, Now What:

  • The history of Urban Quarry
  • How Mireille and Serge started in the company
  • How the Bellavance’s specialized their business to meet market demand
  • How to build boundaries between business and family
  • The importance of maintaining communication in a family business
  • How Serge and Mireille managed the challenges of moving and expanding Urban Quarry
  • Why Urban Quarry aims to keep its employees happy
  • Urban Quarry’s secret to business success



Mireille & Serge Bellavance’s Fun, Frank Advice for Self-Made Millionaires & Wealthy Families:

  • Seek out advisors or directors to help you with your missing skills and expertise.
  • Be honest, whether it’s with employees or with your customers. That goes a long way in building the right expectations and gaining their loyalty and respect down the road.



Connect with Mireille and Serge Bellavance:





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